Traveling in Maramures

Traveling in Maramures

Essentially, Maramu` tells the beautiful story of how people found a way of expressing themselves through the only raw raw material that was available to them in those times: wood. They built their Orthodox churches out of wood, they carved impressive gates and filled them with intricate ancestral motives, the same beautiful motives which they incorporated into every aspect of their lives: clothing, plates, ceramic, decorations or even funeral tombs. This cultural richness and the stuborness of the older people to keep their traditions alive and intact makes Maramu` a place where you feel time can stand still and people`s creations may live forever.

As a Romanian, you have mixed feelings of pride but also sadness to see these unique traditions fade and slowly perish away toghether with the older generations, to see traditional homes being replaced by ordinary modern ones and the younger generation less and less interested in keeping their roots alive.

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